Submitting a Character:
Please make sure you've done everything required in New Players prior to submitting a character! Otherwise the admins will call you a fool, right to your face. (Just kidding. We'll just link you to the required pages and maybe sigh a little bit.)

Written Application:

Copy and paste the written application into a new google document. Fill it out with your character information. Please do not forget to delete the sections you don’t need! You may decorate the document however you like, just please keep all information required and ensure that it's legible.

Mobile-friendly link

Written App

Visual Application:

Create, commission, or request (on our Discord) art of your character.

Use image editing software (ProCreate, PaintToolSAI, GIMP, etc) to fill out the visual parts of the application. Feel free to ask for help in the discord!


Submit your character into the #Character_Submissions Channel in our Discord! Please use this format:
Visual Application:
Written Application: