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Campaigns are Tabletop RPG-styled adventures that your characters may undertake to complete various in-game missions and tasks. From The Ruins uses a custom system inspired by ttrpgs like Dungeons and Dragons and World of Darkness. These are always voluntary and may take a few days to a few weeks OOC to resolve. These Campaigns will heavily utilize your character's Stats and Skills and are done with a combination of roleplay and dice rolls. Please note: By signing up for a Campaign, you are agreeing that you will make a best effort to be available during listed game times. If you are unavailable or missing from two game sessions in a row, without an admin-granted exemption, your character may be written out from the Campaign.

Encounters and Mini Campaigns

Certain actions and submissions may trigger 'Encounters'. You have a chance of Encounter when submitting a daily, roleplaying publicly, or submitted a piece of art, writing, or roleplay that triggers something to happen in the world. Encounters can be resolved in various ways, at the discretion of the admin who initiates it. This may include combat, a written submission, a drawn submission, or a Mini-Campaign.

Mini-Campaigns are much shorter tabletop styled sessions that often work to resolve a simple problem or find out important information. While they may influence the world as a whole, these sessions more often revolve around personal character-growth, hazards and/or potential rewards. They are meant to be resolved in one to two sessions, rather than a longer campaign.