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What are dailies?

Dailies are various activities that can be completed once per day. These permanently include Hunting, Scavenging, Researching
and Crafting. Other dailies may be available as events and/or seasonal activities. Each character may only participate in 1 daily per day (hence the name!) Think of these as your characters 'job' for the day, that will take them a good portion of that day. Dailies are completed by drawing, writing, or roleplaying a simple submission and posting it in the Daily-Submissions channel on discord with the following form:

[drawing or link to written post]

Job: [hunting, scavenging, research, or crafting]

Location: [Only if hunting or scavenging]

Items: [Anything your character is bringing with them]

Relevant Skill: [hunting, scavenging, research, or crafting skill score]


(Beta Note: Coins can not be earned from hunting until full release)

Your character chooses to spend the day hunting in any location. The prey they find will depend on the location they choose. Upon success, they’ll return with various animal components e.g., furs, hides, etc, and usable cuts of meat that will be turned in for coins.

Example: Test Character 1 hunts in the Old Growth Forest. He rolls successfully and based on his hunting skill and rolls returns with:

Items: 1 Small Pelt [Rabbit], 1 Small Tooth [Rabbit]

Coins: 12

Areas currently available for hunting: The City, The Farmlands, and The Suburbs.

Coming Soon~