Playable NPCs:


Former Housepet

Age: Less than 1 year
Origin: Former Housepet
History: Miso was once the pet of a veterinarian. She's spent most of her life, so far, living in the vet's clinic. Abandoned by the humans, she survived off of left over kibble until being forced to venture out in search of food. After being rescued from a stray dog by a few strange cats, she's slowly found safety in sticking close to Fake Tallitory. She still chooses to spend most time in the clinic, however.
Personality: Stubborn and seemingly disinterested in most socialization. She does, however, make it a point to try to return any kindness shown to her. Though bitter about her humans disappearance, she still speaks highly of her former owners and often wishes they'd return. 

Writing Sample: Skidding down an alleyway, Miso cast wide amber eyes back towards her pursuer. With a loud, frightened hiss, she clambered clumsily over a pile of human garbage. The bell attached to her neck chimed loudly and the canine behind her howled as it bowled right through the bags behind her. She nearly crashed into a massive metal obstruction in front of them. A fence of some sort. Left with no other option, she pulled herself up it. "Stay away from me! You can't get me from up here! Just wait!" Water rippled on the other side of the fence and, with no way to tell how deep it was, she was trapped. "I'll claw you! I will!"
Notes: Scavenges and rewards healing-based items. Doubts her abilities but is a decent healer.  

NPC and art by: AncientEldritch