OOC Rules: 

1: Respect the admins and moderators. If a member of the leadership team makes a decision, do not publicly argue. If you disagree, please DM that admin or a moderator, or bring it to the attention of another member of the staff team.

2: Respect your fellow players. If someone expresses that they’re uncomfortable with a conversation or topic, please take it to private messages or drop it. If you have a problem with another player, please bring it up to an admin or handle it privately. Any arguing in the FromTheRuins discord will result in admin intervention.

3: Homophobia, transphobia, racism, and hate-speech of any kind will NEVER be tolerated. 

4: FromTheRuins is an 18+ ONLY roleplaying group. Anyone in our discord that is found to be underage will be permanently banned. We are not responsible for any content minors may or may not encounter when in our group without our knowledge.

5: Do not post OOC in IC channels. All discussions should remain relevant to their respective channels.

6: Make admins aware of necessary hiatus’. While we do not have a strict activity requirement, we retain the right to kick someone - and kill or otherwise remove their character -  if they’ve been inactive and we’ve been unable to contact them for at least a year.

7: When leaving or being removed from the group, you retain rights to your own character but the admins will remove your character from the story in a realistic way. Admins have the right to kill them in-character after you leave or provide you the option to have your character depart the story in a believable way.

8: In-character actions will often result in in-character consequences, whether good or bad. Some conflicts will be solved with dice rolls and may not always end favorably to your character. That’s part of the game, and it is expected that all members will take these moments in stride. You’re allowed to be upset over IC events, but do not take your emotions out on admins or other members. 

9: In FromTheRuins, while you have control over your character's actions, you may not always have control over what happens to them. Horror themes are present in this group and your character may be subject to permanent injuries, disfigurement, other bodily harm/physical change, and even death.

10: Admins retain the right to remove anyone from FromTheRuins for any violation of these rules. Most infractions will result in private warnings but particularly egregious offenses can and will result in bans.

11: If something in the group is genuinely upsetting you, please tell the admin team about it. It may or may not change, but this is a group for fun above all else. If you’re not having fun, the admins want to be sure that they can help you get back to enjoying the group.

12: We’re all adults, please just use common sense. 

IC Rules:

1: No god-modding, power-playing or meta-gaming. We have a zero tolerance policy for these behaviors and admins will step in to retcon any instances that we’re made aware of. If you’re concerned that you might be about to do one of these, feel free to ask your roleplaying partner(s) or one of the admins.

2: Stay true-to-lore. While we absolutely allow players to influence the story and histories of the lives within this world, it’s important that this is done without breaking current canon. If you’re unsure of anything, please ask in the discord help channel!

3: OOC opinions and events should never influence IC interactions. No matter how you feel about someone or their character, please do not let it change how you interact with someone in-game. If you notice an admin or moderator doing this, please let another member of staff know so that we may investigate and intervene as necessary. 

4: Public roleplay channels follow the current date of the group. These areas are meant for shorter, more laid-back roleplays with the chance of admin-run encounter spawns. Long, more drawn out roleplays should be done over private messages or in threads.

5: We encourage complete freedom of in-character actions. That being said, some actions can and will have consequences for your characters and the world. Your actions might affect the entire community of cats, their world, or result in your or someone else's character's death. If something happens that genuinely upsets you, please let the admins know. We’ll take action as needed.

6: If the admins are running something, please do not question their story or choices. You may DM them to discuss it but we focus heavily on story-telling, especially in Campaigns. Admins have a lot of freedom with the world for the sole purpose of crafting encounters and stories that are engaging and fun for the players! You can, of course, point out mistakes or typos. As long as the dming admin is acting within the written combat guidelines and not unintentionally retconning previously known information, they have the right to shape the story and encounters as they see fit.

7: You may not roleplay your underage characters involved in any kind of romantic relationship. Crushes are fine, but they may not seek any real relationship at all prior to being 1 year old. Cats may not roll for breeding prior to being 1 year and 6 months old. See breeding(coming soon!) for more information. 

8: Above all else, have fun and play in a way that allows and encourages your fellow players to have fun! At the end of the day, this is just a fictional world about cats.