1: Docker’s Lab | Current Status: ???

The lab. Many of you are familiar with the facility, having lived there for years, if not born within its walls. Despite time spent here, the majority of the building is a mystery and may hold secrets for those brave enough to venture back in and face the potential hazards within.

2: The City | Current Status: Easy

The former human social hub of Docker’s Run. From restaurants to arcades, there are a vast multitude of places to explore here. Prey seems to be scarce, but there may be treasures to be found in the now-empty human buildings. The only bit of nature to be found is a huge park to the south, with a large lake in the center.

3: Farmlands | Current Status: Easy

Huge fields of now-wilting plants of all sizes, slowly being overtaken by more-zealous weeds create a patchwork sparse of trees here. Small abandoned buildings of newer construction dot the landscape, along with large vehicles and machinery. To the south, livestock animals wander the open fields, seemingly unbothered by the disappearance of their caretakers.

4: The Suburbs | Current Status: Hard

Former homes of humans and their pets can be found here. With reports of packs of stray dogs, it may be dangerous to investigate this area alone. Still, there may be things worth finding in the old residences. To the east, there are a handful of docks protruding into the ocean and small dock-buildings.

5: The Beach | Current Status: Challenging

Saltwater and sand. The beach is littered with abandoned human items, creating a colorful scene for the time being. It’s hard to imagine there being anything too dangerous here, but only time will tell if it's worth anything more than a convenient place to sunbathe.

6: The Airport | Current Status: ???

An expanse of empty asphalt that is almost mind-boggling in size. Paw-burning in the summer, it might be best to avoid walking very far out onto the hard, black ground. A large building stands to the east, however, that might prove to be worth checking out.

7: Pine Forest | Current Status: ???

Huge pine trees create a canopy that nearly blocks out the sun. Stray light beams filter through the trees onto ground that is almost always soft beneath paws. Despite what potential dangers there may be, prey seems plentiful here.

8: Towering Trees | Current Status: Hard

An old-growth forest with trees that seem to extend into the clouds above, dwarfing anything that walks through the shade of the canopy. If it weren’t for the scarce light that penetrates the treetops, it would be nearly impossible to traverse the forest floor laden with dead trees and wood debris without getting lost. The animal sounds are constant and almost deafening, implying the presence of the plentiful prey, but it might be tough to gather the courage needed to explore such an imposing area.

9: Painted Woods | Current Status: Easy

During the autumn, this forest turns beautiful shades of orange and red as the trees change color before completely shedding their leaves during the winter. There are a few human-made structures to be found here. Small buildings can be found here and there, as well as picnic tables and strange platforms in a few trees.

10: The Mountains | Current Status: Deadly

A treacherous landscape of steep stone, it may be unwise to explore too far here. Crumbing rocks seem ready to give way under paw and the sounds of large animals can be heard even from the terrain below. Permanent snow covers the tops of the slopes and foliage seems sparse. Various crevices might provide shelter or hide further threats.