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What are Stats and Skills?

Stats and skills are what allow your characters to interact with the world in realistic ways and participate in combat scenarios. They are an important part of the mechanics and are used frequently in a variety of ways. Dailies, combat, and bi-monthly prompts and challenges all utilize these numbers.


  • HP: How many points of damage your character can take before being knocked down. ( Constitution-based. Rolled for with admins.)

  • Energy: How many actions your character can take between each long rest. ( Stamina-based. Rolled for with admins.)

  • Initiative Rating: Bonus to Initiative Rolls. Calculated as Dexterity + Perception.

Combat Skills and Derivatives

Combat Skills:
Used for, you guessed it: Combat! These may also be rolled as saving throws. Combat skill points can only be earned while participating in Combat scenarios!

  • Dexterity: Hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, fine motor skills, and balance.

  • Constitution: Physique, toughness, health, and resistance to disease and poison.

  • Stamina: Endurance and Speed

  • Accuracy: Ability to aim and land hits.

  • Willpower: Restraint and self-control.

  • Melee Damage: Damage bonus while unarmed or using a Melee Weapon.

  • Ranged Damage: Damage bonus while using a Ranged Weapon.

The Skill Tree

These skills are used for practical applications and dailies. The only way to gain these is by putting them to use. You can specialize by utilizing one skill tree primarily or practice a variety of skills.

During Campaign Scenarios, while doing Dailies, or while submitting literature/roleplay/art, the admins will roll to determine if a skill point is gained. This is the primary way of earning more points.

Skill points may also be awarded as Campaign or Challenge rewards!


The first level of any skill in the Skill Tree can be learned via training with a more experienced cat (they must have at least one skill point in the skill. In order to train, you and the owner of the training cat must complete a collaborative art piece or roleplay showcasing a training session. These can be submitted to the #training channel on discord once completed. This only applies to the first skill point in any skill.

Reading / Writing: [ Cannot surpass Human Language Level ]

This skill allows you to read and write the human language.

  • Level 1, Phonics: Has an idea of what sounds certain letters make, but has a hard time putting them into words or sentences. May be able to sound out simple words.

  • Level 2, Emergent: Short words are a breeze and they can sound out some larger words. Still, it takes a long time to read even a single page and more complex sentences are impossible.

  • Level 3, Pre-Fluent: Can read most sentences and make sense of short paragraphs. Reading takes much less time and larger words often can be figured out with context clues.

  • Level 4, Fluent: Can read anything they come across with ease. Any word that isn’t known, can be figured out easily

Special Skills

Special Skills are skills that cannot be earned or trained like normal skills. These can only be earned as starting traits and during special events/encounters.

Languages: [ Human, Avian, Rodent, Canine, Mustelid ]

This skill allows you to understand various languages that they may encounter.

  • Level 1, Minimal: Understands and can speak very limited words, mostly pertaining to themselves.

  • Level 2, Basic: Knows many isolated words. Can pick out a few words in any sentence, sometimes enough to infer meaning.

  • Level 3, Proficient: Knows most words and can make sense of most sentences, even if words are used that you are not familiar with.

  • Level 4, Fluent: Can keep up with conversations and understands almost everything said.

Each level of the gardening skill allows you to plant 1 local plant of your choice. During each time rollover during the spring and summer, you’ll claim 1d5 components from that plant.