Character Creation Guidelines:

Names: Names must have an explanation that makes sense in-canon, but otherwise, there are no strict naming guidelines. 

Gender/Sexuality: LGBTQ+ cats are welcomed! As this is an 18+ group, we feel confident that we are all mature enough to discuss these topics in-depth in character and explore how these cats may come to recognize their gender identities and sexualities. You can mention these concepts in backstory as something they have previously thought about, as long as you continue to build the character in a meaningful way as the story progresses. It is very important to us that we prevent the trend we've noticed of some people using LGBTQ+ labels as a character accessory, rather than a meaningful part of who the character is and what they've been through to embrace it. 

Appearances: When making a cat, any appearance modifier that is locked to West Wing traits may not be used in cats that do not have that trait. Example: heterochromia, unusual patterns, odd colors. Normal mutations, fur and color variations that are not a West Wing trait may still be used. Short hair-tuft designs are allowed, but anything longer would be reserved for West Wing traits only.

History: Please note, a detailed history is encouraged! How did your cat get to the lab? Who did they know? What were their experiences in the lab? What happened to them during the explosion and how did they make it out? What have they done in the four months since? The more the better! More detailed histories earn more starting skill points! [See Skills for more information.]

Skills: When you submit your character, the admin who approves your application will read your character's history and assign starting skill points based on the contents. If your cat started as a stray, maybe they’ll have starting points in hunting. A lab-born cat might have starting points in Human Knowledge. The higher the word count, the more starting skill points you’ll receive. 100 Words = 1 Skill point up to 1000 words/10 Skill points.

Note: This is not a reason to pad histories with fluff just to extend word count. A kit character is naturally going to have a shorter history than an older cat, thus starting with fewer skills. 

Combat Stats: Each character starts with 6 Combat points they can assign as they see fit! This will be done after initial character approval, along with rolling for Hit Points and Energy. Admins will port your information onto an official Combat Sheet, along with your Skills. You are free to keep track of your Combat and Skill information on a personal skill sheet as well, but each character's official stat sheet will be updated and kept accurate by admins.

Inventory: For now, each member must have their own inventory that they keep track of! Character inventories are currently located in private discord channels. [Will be revised]