Status: Closed Beta

Next planned joining: TBD

Current Joining Scenario:

It's been 4 months since the explosion and the following exodus of all humans from Docker's Run, since that time the cats from Docker's Lab have mostly been trying to survive on their own, in the city. Without any experience in caring for themselves, hunting for their own food, or treating their injuries, many cats have died, alone and hungry. [ REDACTED UNTIL FULL OPENING.]

Current Origins:

Former Lab Cat: OPEN

Former residents of Docker's Lab. Many were the product of extensive experimentation, genetic splicing, and/or breeding. Bonuses depend on chosen rooms.

Lab cat notes:

Wings and Rooms: When creating a Lab Cat, you must first decide if they're from the West Wing or East Wing. From there, you must decide on which room you'd like them to be in. Once decided, please make a claim on that room slot by pinging an Admin on discord to note your slot reservation. Slot reservations are only held for one week.

Names: Largely depends on location within the lab and age. West Wing cats might go by their names from before they were taken or if they were very young, a nickname given to them in the lab. East Wing cats may have been named by their parents, named by a caretaker or researcher, or might have chosen something they can identify with.

Abandoned Housecat: OPEN

Once cared for house pets of the cities human residents, these cats were left to fend for themselves when the humans suddenly abandoned their town. +1 Constitution, +1 Human Knowledge, +1 Cooking.

City Stray: OPEN

Being alone on the street is nothing new to these cats. Whether they lived in a small community of strays or alone, survival was never a question.
+2 Navigation, +1 Hunting.