West Wing Room Directory and Trait Guide: 

West Wing [A]

You weren't born here. You don't belong here. What have they done to you!?

West Wing cats were not born in the lab. They were taken from the streets and/or pounds across the Western and Northern United States. Many were strays or pound surrenders, though some were unfortunate housecats that were found outside and taken. These cats all had lives before the lab and may have been taken at any age.

These cats have had widely varying experiences here, depending on what room they were in and what research was being done. From augmentation to medical research to behavioral studies, these cats were used for a plethora of tests and studies. 

Unless they were taken very young or had a tougher life outside of the lab, most of the West Wing Residents dislike the lab and its staff, seeing it as a prison.

West Wing: Trait System

Each West Wing cat starts with three Trait Slots! These can be chosen from the list underneath each room description. Traits can have either special Visual or Ability effects. Visual Effects are purely aesthetic but they may affect rolls in various ways during Campaigns, at the DMs discretion. Please list your chosen traits on your Written Application.

Unique Traits:

Each room offers one Unique trait slot. This trait may only be taken by one player character and uses all trait slots for that character. Each member may only have one character with a Unique Trait. 

A01: Vision  

Residents of A01 underwent testing and research related to their vision. These cats may have had testing, augmentation, and experimenting done and relating to their eyes.  Many procedures and tests were unpleasant and painful, occasionally leading to the young death of residents

Possible Visual Traits: 

-Unusual eye colors [ Dichroic eyes and atypical colors] 

-Missing Eye [ Only one, can be sutured shut or left as an open, healed socket] 

-Cracked Glass Eyes [ It’s as if the Iris itself has shattered. Odd.

-Heterochromia [ Each iris is a different color ] 

Possible Ability Traits:

-Acute Vision [ I can see, like, everything, man. +1 to all tracking checks ] 

-Improved Night Vision [ Eyes like an owl. +3 to nighttime tracking checks ] 

-Slow-Motion [ If you concentrate, It’s almost like the world moves slower. +1 to accuracy. ] 

-Bird Of Prey [ Detect movement from a large distance away. +2 to hunting.] 

Unique Trait:  Uses ALL trait slots

-Bionic Eye[s] [ Despite being clearly robotic, this hasn’t presented any obvious benefit nor harm, besides strange looks from other cats. You can see out of it like any other eye. Why did the humans do this? ??? ] -0/1 

A02: Healing and Pain  

Arguably some of the worst treated residents in The Lab, the experiments here primarily focused on healing capabilities and stem cell research. They were also used to test new pain medications and pain thresholds. Cats in this room were often subject to intentionally grievous wounds that were healed artificially and quickly. 

Possible Visual Traits: 

-Unusual Fur Growth [ Your fur tufts and grows long where it shouldn’t. Allows for long hair.

-Unmarred [ Injuries and wounds always heal without any disfigurement or scars.

-Double Trouble [ Due to repeated experiments, you grew another set of ears or another tail. ] 

Possible Ability Traits: 

-Thick Skin [ Knock me down, I’ll get up again! +1 to Constitution. ] 

-Bounce Back [ Nothing keeps you down for long. +1 energy regeneration. ] 

-High Pain Tolerance [ I can still fight! Movement is still possible while incapacitated. ] 

-Regeneration [ I don’t need any stinkin’ healer. Gains +2 HP per round of combat unless dying. ] 

Unique Trait: Uses ALL trait slots

-Immortality [ You’re certain you should have died after the accident. Something isn’t right. ???. ] 

A03: Body Enhancements 

Residents of this room underwent testing and utilization of body modifications and enhancements. The procedures and recoveries themselves were a miserable affair, but these cats were treated, for the most part, well by staff. Their well-being and recovery were closely looked after by researchers and veterinarians and rarely were they mistreated. Some cats perished after procedures gone wrong, but most flourished after a long recovery. They were not allowed to directly interact with other residents of room A03, for fear of potential injury.

Possible Visual Traits:

-Limb Replacement [ One of your legs has been replaced with an advanced, jointed artificial one.

-Tail Replacement [ Your tail has been replaced with an advanced, jointed artificial one. ]

-Steel Claws [ One or more of your claws has been replaced with steel.

-Glider [ Hokey Smoke! An artificial membrane connects your front legs to your hind legs.

Possible Ability Traits:

-Strengthened Claws [ Shing. +3 Unarmed Melee Damage ] 

-Reinforced [ Built tough. Cannot suffer broken bones. ] 

Unique Trait: Uses ALL trait slots

-Artificial Intelligence [ You walk like a cat, you think like a cat, but you weren't born like this. This body isn’t yours, you weren’t born at all. ??? ] ( See Eldritch if taking this slot, before character creation! )

A04: Cosmetics  

Residents in A04 were used to test a variety of cosmetics, paints, and dyes. Often, these tests were harmless but some caused irritation, rashes, and baldness. There’s no doubt that the researchers in charge of these studies often had fun in how they applied the testing materials. Still, most of these cats weren’t treated badly and lived decent, if not boring, lives. 

Possible Visual Traits:

-Unique Colors [ Can have one unnatural color. Can be taken multiple times. ] 

-Unique Patterns [ Not your average tabby. Can use unnatural patterns in pelt design. ] 

-Piercing [ Sheesh, that must have hurt. One piercing. Can be taken multiple times.] 

-Tattoos [ This did hurt. Tattoos can be on furless patches or under the fur. ] 

Possible Ability Traits: 

-Chemical Tolerance [ You’re already a walking biohazard. +4 to chem-related saving throws.

-Good Taste [ You know what looks good. +2 to artistry. ] 

-Down Time [ You’ve always found ways to entertain yourself. +2 to crafting. ] 

Unique Trait: Uses ALL trait slots

-Night Light [ You seem to faintly glow. No one wants to sleep around you. ??? ] -1/1

A05: Psychology and Behavior  

By far, these cats were the strangest lab residents. In a huge variety of experiments, they were put through psychological tests and behavioral conditioning. For some, This was nothing short of justified torture. With delicate mental states, very few of these cats made it out of the lab alive and even fewer survived long outside. 

Possible Visual Traits: 

None Available

Possible Ability Traits: 

-Heightened Awareness [ Nothing illudes you.. anymore +1 to perception. ] 

-Well Trained [ You were never allowed to get distracted. +2 to focus. ] 

-Conditioning [ You don’t know the meaning of quit. +2 to constitution. ] 

-Intuition [ You know that look. +3 to Sense Motive. ] 

Unique Trait: Uses ALL trait slots

-Unstoppable [ No injury can slow you down, you’re not even sure you feel pain anymore. ???

A06: Intelligence 

Using a variety of methods, These cats underwent various testing and procedures in hopes of improving their intelligence. They were always being presented with new challenges and tests. The procedures themselves weren’t always kind, but their day to day life was pleasant and rewarding. Successful subjects were often taken to East Wing Breeding Programs. 

Possible Visual Traits: 

None available

Possible Ability Traits: 

-Resourceful [ You can find a use for almost anything. +2 to Scavenging. ] 

-Cunning Linguist [ I know some of those words! You start with Level 1 Human Language ] 

-Hooked on Phonics [ A is for Atrocity. You start with Level 1 Reading/Writing. ] 

-Colleague, Not Cat [ Subject? I helped them! +3 to Human Knowledge. ] 

-Sherlock [ Elementary, my dear Zero. +2 to Investigation.] 

Unique Trait: Uses ALL trait slots

-Quick Learner [ You seem to get better at things you practice much quicker than your peers. ??? ] 

A07: Flora Splicing 0/2 Survivors

Possible Visual Traits: 

-Blossoms [ Hope no one has hay fever! Your pelt grows one or more flowers.] -No Limit

-Foliage [ In the wintertime, you look normal! Your pelt grows one variety of native leaves. ] -No Limit

-Vine Whip [ It’s Super Effective! Your pelt grows one articulated vine. Can be taken multiple times. ] -0/4

Possible Ability Traits: 

-Herbal Healer [ Identifying plants is easy! +20% chance to find herbs while scavenging. ] -No Limit

-Green Thumb [ Plants get you. +1 Gardening. ] -No Limit

-Photosynthesis [ Mmm, Sun. On a campaign, You won’t consume rations as long as you are outside. ] -0/1

Unique Trait: Uses ALL trait slots

-Spores [ When in a moment of fight or flight, you release spores that have varying effects on those around you. ??? ] ( See Eldritch if taking this slot! )

A08: Information Unavailable


A09: Information Unavailable. 

A10: Information Unavailable.