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Current Status: Closed Beta


From The Ruins is an Art and Literature Roleplaying Game about the lives of a group of cats abandoned in a Military Research Town. We're inspired by Eureka and Fallout and aim towards a group that caters to both casual and super-involved members. Some problems will be solved by roleplay, some by art or literature, and some by DnD/World of Darkness-inspired dungeon crawling/combat. This group is 18+ only due to the graphic nature of the world and the group. There may be themes such as body horror, graphic violence, written/drawn gore, and other sensitive topics that aren't suitable to a younger audience.

In-character actions will shape the world and have lasting effects on the residents and the future. There will be daily tasks available for those who choose to do them and bi-monthly events for fun and plot progression. You are not required to be a visual artist to apply! Writing-Only members are welcomed as well.

Important Note: This group is not for the light-hearted! There will be many dark and potentially sensitive topics and themes mentioned. Gore and body horror will come up frequently. You will not always have control over what happens to your character. Characters may die, characters may change, characters will almost certainly experience loss and trauma. If you're looking for a light-hearted slice of life roleplay, this is not it. That being said, character choice has a huge impact in-game and most deaths can be prevented!